Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Virgin Blogger's Recollection

This is my first time ever to try blogging. I know this is long over due for something I want but I hope this brings me back to my passion of expressing myself through literature.

I've been wanting to try writing my insights, thoughts, experiences and just about anything under the sun for a while but I've been lost somewhere with the complications in life and other priorities. It has been almost a decade since I rest my pen in journaling my experiences; a lot of things has already happened and this site hopes to bridge the gap between my old and my renewed me.

Life as a Dominican pre-novice at Letran Calamba
Alright, so where do I start? Let's see... way back year 2000, I found myself in deep contemplation on what to do with my life and muse on what would be God's plan for me. I was a postulant in a Dominican Seminary back then in Calamba, Laguna trying to decide whether to push through with another stage of my Dominican formation or whether to go outside the world and live my life as an ordinary layman and continue finding out who I really am and my purpose in life.

And so I found myself back to my hometown in Legazpi City and at the portals of Aquinas University of Legazpi studying Architecture. Thanks to the generosity of Rev. Fr. Mon, Mendez, OP for accepting me as a Rector's Scholar of the university. Architecture has always been my interest and passion since childhood.

While in Aquinas University, I tried to live and learn as much as I can, with very little resources I have. I took part-time job to earn and sustain my schooling, been active in campus ministry, school politics and volunteers movement. I can say that I made the most out of my 5-year stay in the campus and the the best thing was, I met one of the most important persons in my life.

After graduation, I worked for a year or two in the university's NGO arm as a community development worker and moved to manila after the horrible typhoon reming that struck Bicol in 2006. I've been living in a nocturnal world since I stayed in manila working in a BPO industry. Four years in a BPO is long enough and it was not bad after all. I met all sorts of people, I was able to accomplish a lot and learn from my work and my colleagues. While working in a call center, my passion for architecture never really left me, but I admit, I became the least of my priorities until early this year. Thanks to my best friend for pushing me to enroll in a review class and take the board. And so to the review class we went and after sleepless nights of refreshing our minds with architecture and Novena masses and lots of prayers, the big day came. Then the next time we knew, we're already architects! Realizing such dream would not be possible without the support of my ever loving wife, my family and friends and above all, it would never be possible had He did not will it to happen. The moment I knew I passed was so euphoric. In fact, such term could be an understatement of what I felt back then.
"It's never too late to be what you might have been"

Right now, I am working for one of the world's largest bank's business process services while at the same time building my own small architectural firm. Life is hard but that would not stop the world from moving. I am living one day at a time with the hope that everything will fall into the right place and be able to live life in its fullness. I may have had lots of failures in life, lots of mistakes left and right, BIG and small. But the lessons in life are what matters most.

My adaptability to situations had been proven in the course of time. My faith has been tested and myself pushed to the limits. With all these I became a better person that I am and will continue in life's journey hoping I am able to service my purpose here on earth.

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