Monday, December 26, 2011

"My Guardian Angel" Isah Myka's Acrylic Painting Practice

"My Guardian Angel" by Isah Myka Memo 12|26|2011 medium: acrylic on paper

This is Isah Myka's first exposure to acrylic painting completed December 26, 2011. The model subject was chosen from their "My Very First Bible Book".

I found it pretty much impressive for a beginner. I never had any hand's on experience myself in acrylic painting as far as i can remember but I guided her anyway with a handful of knowledge I have with visual arts. I taught her first of the very basic on how to properly hold the brush and apply the paint. We hope to have more learning and practice sessions as the days go by in order to learn more about other rendering techniques such as tone, hue, shadows, textures and the like. 

Encouraging them to get into visual arts at an early age is fun while at the same time it enhances their learning and develop their overall cognitive abilities.

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